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The future of the left since 1884


23 January 2020

László Andor's address to the Fabian Society

At the FEPS-Fabian New Year Conference, László Andor shared his thoughts on UK-EU relations and the future of social democracy in Europe.

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15 January 2020

All you need to know about the leadership election and the Fabian Society

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Think tanks call for new pension commission

17 January 2020

A joint report from the Fabian Society and Bright Blue calls for a new pensions commission and presents plans for how it should work

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The Fabian Review

Winter 2019, Volume 131 - No.4

This edition of the Fabian Review features post-election analysis from Andy Price, Eloise Todd, Paula Surridge, Shaista Aziz, Florence Eshalomi MP, Wes Streeting MP, Lara McNeill, Miatta Fahnbulleh, and Frances Ryan.

Also in this issue: Jessie Joe Jacobs on winning back working-class northern voters, Charles Clarke calls out fantasy election wishlists and Rayhan Haque looks at how we might move towards a four-day working week.

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Listen to their voices

13 January 2020

PREET KAUR GILL MP: Young people are being failed by our mental health services. We need to involve them in making things better.

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Working it out

10 January 2020

RAYHAN HAQUE: A four-day working week was one of the ideas which grabbed the headlines in the election campaign. Could it really become a reality?

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Losing sides

8 January 2020

CHRIS CLARKE: Labour needs to embrace both internationalism and patriotism if it is to rebuild after electoral disaster.

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Democracy on the line

8 January 2020

AREEQ CHOWDHURY: We must combat disinformation with a civil internet tax.

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The big divide

6 January 2020

DAVID SWIFT: Voters in post-industrial towns are disadvantaged in a way that those in big cities are not.

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Long read

The leadership factor

20 December 2019

ANDY PRICE: Corbyn and his team are to blame for Johnson’s crushing electoral victory. Labour’s next leader must be far shrewder in the game of British party politics.

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Where next?

Reforming social security over the next 10 years

A revolution in social security is needed after the general election including a 1-year emergency plan and a 10-year blueprint for reform, according to a new Fabian Society report published after 9 months of consultation.

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People not problems

Politicians respond to five experiences of severe and multiple disadvantage

People not Problems?sets out the real-life challenges of those facing severe and multiple disadvantage and asks policymakers to respond.

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Everyday Socialism

How to rebuild Britain

Good jobs, responsible employers and prosperous communities are?the foundation of a thriving economy. How can we ensure that they?are?available to everyone, no matter where they live?

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Beyond affordability

What tenants want from rent controls

New Fabian Society research reveals that renters’ support for rent controls is motivated by more than just saving money, with the results suggesting private renters want rent regulation to tackle insecurity and unfair treatment.

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Progressive federalism

A different way of looking at the UK

A new Fabian Society report argues?progressive federalism is better than independence for Scotland.

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Capital gains

A global city in a changing world

Capital Gains?presents proposals to Sadiq Khan for his second term as London mayor.

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People Power

Building an industrial strategy with workers at its heart

The Changing Work Centre, a joint initiative from the Fabian Society and Community, has today launched a new report which calls for a new focus on workers at the heart of industrial strategy.

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Summer 2019

Fabian Review

This edition of the Fabian Review explores ideas on greening Labour with contributions from Ed Miliband MP, Sue Hayman MP, and Nadia Whittome plus Kate Murray talks to Yvette Cooper MP.?

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Getting Organised

Low-paid self-employment and trade unions

Trade unions need to better represent the UK’s 4 million self-employed workers, according to a new report by the Fabian Society.

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